A Demo of Dark Cyrstal by Kevin Flatt.

Live at KUTX studio 1A in Austin with Dave Madden. This is his lovely arr. of Clair De Lune

“Jacquelyn” by Dave Madden

Great track for Jason Molin “I’m Not Gonna Try To Change Anyone But Myself” Horn arr. by Mark V. “Speedy” Gonzales

Jason Molin’s track “This Song is Done” Horn arr. by Mark V. “Speedy” Gonzales

Jennifer Zavaleta’s “Mountain” recorded at Same Sky Studios

“Christmas O Christmas” by Dave Madden

Proud to be the horn arranger and trumpet player for this great album we just finished at Same-Sky Studios!!!

My Horn parts with the XXX Horn Stars playing with Dahebegebees

“Set The Tone” w/ T-Double and James Speer

The Raven Tree Album. Played Guitar, Bass, Keys, Trumpet, & Flugelhorn for this band. Album was released on 11/20/08.